27 Aug 2014

Why candidates should make a great first impression when interviewing with their recruiter

27 Aug 2014

While the impression made when interviewing for an actual position is extremely important, candidates should also realize the importance of giving a great interview to their recruiter.

A recruiter is the middleman between candidate and client and screens candidates to ensure there is a nice match between the candidate’s skillset+ personality and the role+ company.

Some candidates have had a great skill set but have literally walked into our office and worn their “chaotic or bad days” or their “dreadful managers” or just an overall negative attitude on their sleeve. We would never present this type of candidate to a client because personality and energy is also a deciding factor.

LESSON: Make a great impression on your recruiter so you become a favorite candidate who is presented for all types of opportunities.

Jodi Shapiro – Senior Recruiter

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