27 Aug 2014

Revising your resume for a specific role

27 Aug 2014

Do you need to revise your resume for a specific role or company? Sometimes yes.

A resume often times speaks for itself and needs no revisions when submitting to an employer. However, in some cases, a resume needs some tweaking before submitting for a specific role. As recruiters, we are presented with job briefs from clients that outline specific skill sets that a candidate must have. We share these details with a candidate and of course ensure that he or she “fits the brief” before presenting him or her to a client.

In some cases, even an on point resume must be revised to better fit the job description- certain achievements, strengths, and skills must be highlighted to show that the candidate is right for the role. So candidates should be prepared to listen to their recruiter and make minor resume changes in order to improve their chances of getting a first interview with a potential employer. We see many resumes each day and know which style and content our clients will respond to.

LESSON: Be prepared to revise your resume based upon a specific job description as it could improve your shot at getting the job!

Jodi Shapiro – Senior Consultant

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