27 Aug 2014

Why candidates need to make themselves available for interviews with companies

27 Aug 2014

A majority of the candidates with whom we work are currently in jobs. Thus their schedules tend to be very busy and availability (especially during work hours) rather limited. Setting up interviews with these candidates can be very tricky as they do not want to raise suspicion in their offices and often times they have to put their current role first (attending internal meetings, etc). This makes complete sense as they do not want to lose their jobs!

That being said, candidates should make an effort to not be too difficult when a recruiter is trying to schedule an interview with a potential employer for them. Their lack of availability can signal indifference or even an absence of real interest in the role at hand. This is not the type of vibe or energy they should give off before meeting the hiring manager.

Even if it takes some major juggling or  a white lie (doctors appointment, cable guy visit– note we do not advocate lying but you know what I mean here), candidates should realize that the client is not doing them a favor by requesting an interview and should do their absolute best to be accommodating and flexible in order to keep first impressions very positive.

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