27 Aug 2014

Interview cancellation and/or rescheduling etiquette for candidates and clients

27 Aug 2014

There is proper etiquette for candidates and clients to follow when canceling and/or rescheduling interviews. It is bound to happen- a candidate wakes up with the flu or a client gets stuck with a last minute internal meeting– and the interview has to be cancelled. This is totally understandable, especially in these creative industries where schedules change and firedrills occur all the time.

However, both candidates and clients should do their bese to give as much advanced notice as possible and try not to cancel at the last minute as it can leave a bad impression on both parties.

Often a candidate has taken time off from his or her current job for the interview so a last minute cancellation could jeopardize his or her current role. Also when a candidate cancels last minute, it unfortunately can imply irresponsibility or rudeness in the client’s eyes.

The bottom line is that these last minute cancellations are often unavoidable. However, both parties should do their best to give advanced notice and proactively reschedule so momentum isn’t lost and interest is maintained.

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