27 Aug 2014

The Importance of Client Feedback Following Candidate Interviews

27 Aug 2014

It is much appreciated and very important that clients provide feedback following candidate interviews. As a recruiter, this feedback is really critical as we can help candidates to improve their interviewing skills through constructive criticism. Also it is always very encouraging to provide positive feedback from a client, even when the candidate has not been chosen for the role. This keeps the candidate interested in the company should future roles open and also boosts his or her confidence for future interviews. Clients should feel completely comfortable providing feedback to us, even if it is negative, as we relay it in a very eloquent and constructive way to our candidates.

Client feedback is also very helpful as it gives us even clearer direction in terms of the ideal candidate skill set and personality for the particular role. There are often very slight nuances that set one candidate apart from another or that make a candidate the perfect fit for an agency/position, so this type of post-interview feedback is critical to conducting the most thorough and accurate search on our end.

I realize that our clients are extremely busy on a daily basis so do not expect pages of feedback on each candidate. However, it truly is helpful to all parties throughout the process to be frank and forthright in terms of feedback on candidates that interview for specific roles.

Many thanks in advance to our clients who take the time to download us following interviews and help to guide us as we find the PERFECT candidate for the role!

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