27 Aug 2014

A Classy and Smart Client Gesture

27 Aug 2014

Today a client asked me to forward the below email to a candidate that she had really liked but had decided to not hire as she had met someone a couple of weeks ago that she had really liked as well (who had immediate availability). It is not often that a client takes the time to send a personal note to a candidate following an interview, especially when the candidate is not the one to which they are extending an offer.

This is very smart on the part of the client as, if the candidate really liked the agency following the interview, he or she will most likely be touched by this gesture and remain open to future opportunities at the company. It also shows that the client appreciates the candidate’s time and talent and establishes a personal connection between them from the start.

As a recruiter, I truly appreciate this client gesture and do encourage other clients to follow suit if they really like a candidate and see him or her as a potential asset for future roles.

“Dear XXXX,

Thank you for your time and interest in xxxxxx.

It was our pleasure to meet you, both xxx and I were very impressed with you and your experience as account executive.

After a difficult deliberation, we have decided to move forward with another candidate for the time being but wanted to reach out to let you know our appreciation and hope that our paths will cross again.

Kind regards,


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