27 Aug 2014

Farewell Message from Carolyn

27 Aug 2014

Today marks my final day with The Melanie Andersen Agency. The past two and a half months have been incredible and my dream of working in the Big Apple had been realized! I owe a great deal to the Melanie Andersen Agency for the patience and kindness the have extended on to me. I understand that the content of the blog below is not conventional in regards to the recruiting and interview tips typically posted on “It’s a Blonde, Blonde World;” but I believe the following small observations about these outstanding, awe inspiring and giving women might help you gain insight into the real individuals you are doing business with.


Melanie likes to say that Nadine is a very good manager. She is exactly right. Nadine is a charismatic, bright personality with phenomenal people skills. There is never a mundane or boring moment in the office when Nadine is around. Through out my internship she has helped me to develop a sense of prioritization and confidence in my correspondence skills, as well as gave me a few good laughs each day!


After watching the TMAA’s video, Jodi’s quote about wanting to work with and place “nice” people stood out. Since getting to know Jodi I can say that her kind hearted and compassionate nature puts others at ease. Actions speak louder than words – The time Jodi spends prepping candidates and talking to clients in order to full understand their needs is commendable.


Patience – I cannot thank Chrissy enough for how patient she has been with me. I really appreciate all the time she spent helping me adjust my first week, teaching me how to utilize our programs and about general office protocol. Over the course of my internship, I have truly enjoyed working with and learning from Chrissy. She is a wealth of information as well fantastic mentor and representative of TMAA.


It would be putting it mildly to say that Melanie has a busy schedule – but as founder and CEO of a company that holds her namesake, this is to be expected. That being said this is why the time Melanie has taken to serve as a mentor has meant so much to me. During the course of my internship she has taken a keen interest in making sure understood the meaning behind each of the tasks and processes involved in successful running the agency. Her insights and wisdom have helped me learn a great deal about business – recruiting, fashion/creative industries, interviewing, and about myself.

Each of you has had a hand in my professional and personal growth. Thanks for helping me to understand that workplace can be a professional/productive and fun/enjoyable environment simultaneously. I am so grateful to have worked alongside and learned from you all this summer!

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