27 Aug 2014

Congratulations Chrissy and Guy!

27 Aug 2014

This post is a little out of the ordinary but one I felt I needed to write today. Today was a very special day as one of the key members of The Melanie Andersen Agency got engaged. We have all been waiting on pins and needles for this to happen and it finally did. Phone calls were exchanged immediately, shouts and even some tears of joy.. bottom line is we were all collectively ecstatic. It reminded me how much of the team we are at the agency. Of course we communicate about professional topics most of the day. However, we also take time both inside and outside of the office to catch up on life and stay in tune with each other’s successes, failures, and daily happenings in general. This comradery makes the agency a really special place and is one of the reasons we thrive in our jobs as recruiters—we all LOVE being here every day at work (if you can imagine that) and play critical support roles to one another at all times.

This blog can actually serve as a lesson to everyone in a work environment. Be nice, friendly, personable, and inviting. These are not only the people who you will spend a majority of your time during the week but they are also the people who will be able to give you a great recommendation.

Time to celebrate this engagement!

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