27 Aug 2014

Why You Should Never Lie about your Salary

27 Aug 2014

We all want to get as much money as possible when going for a new job… As you know, a client establishes a budget range for a role and then alters it on a case by case basis depending on a candidate’s current salary, levels of experience and targeted compensation. Part of a recruiter’s job is to guide both candidates and clients regarding salary- letting the client know the “going rate” for certain roles and levels as well as keeping the candidate’s goals and expectations in check when it comes to compensation.

More often than not clients will ask a candidate to submit paystubs as proof of annual salary to avoid any type of dishonesty. The worst thing a candidate can do is lie initially about current salary as a paystub doesn’t lie. This dishonesty will most likely lead to a complete loss of the job opportunity– and a recruiter will not want to work with you again. Also, aside from being dishonest, a lying candidate also wastes a clients time majorly as they have tailored their offer based upon an incorrect figure.

So be honest throughout the process. The end goal is to get as much money as possible in the move (while being realistic of course) but honesty is always the best policy and achieves the most favorable outcome in the end for all parties.

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