27 Aug 2014

Why you should list clients on your resume

27 Aug 2014

The following piece of advice is very relevant to candidates in the advertising and design/branding industry. It is helpful and beneficial to include clients managed on the resume.

I often receive resumes from candidates that are great in terms of achievements and very thorough. However, they often lack a list of clients managed at each agency and in each role. The client list not only brings the resume to life but also helps a potential employer to get a better sense of the candidate’s experience and even interests. It is a very important detail that should not be excluded. It is even a good idea to list specific projects and initiatives for each client. For example– “oversaw flash banner production for Nike” or “owned all Spring 2013 print initiatives for Macys”.


Candidates should feel free to ask us whether or not certain client names should be included or excluded. For example, someone who is pursuing a fashion advertising role might not want to list Pfizer as a main account as pharma is not very appealing to the more fashion focused agencies.

This can be taken on a case by case basis but it is usually smart to list out clients on a resume to add flavor to the experience and grab a potential employer’s attention.

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