27 Aug 2014


27 Aug 2014

Agency clients should be mindful of causing candidates to lose interest in their roles by taking too much time to get them back with next steps during the interview process. The advertising industry is extremely busy and often chaotic with insane timelines, client demands, daily internal/external challenges, and a huge load of deliverables. Clients often get very busy during the interview process for a new role and tend to let this role drop off as they focus on other agency priorities.

This type of situation is often unavoidable as business needs to get done. However, when clients do not follow up with next steps for weeks at a time, candidates are bound to either accept a position at another agency or lose interest in the agency/role at hand. Clients should not be surprised when this happens as most candidates are extremely eager to proceed with the interview process and often very motivated to leave their current roles. It should not come as a shock that most candidates interview at multiple agencies at one time and, even if they prefer one over the other, they will sometimes accept the offer that comes first. Just as we coach candidates to be very responsive when it comes to communicating with clients, we give this same advice to clients so as to not turn the candidates off from the agency and the opportunity.

The bottom line is as follows- we understand that other priorities often get in the way of keeping the candidate interview process moving forward. However, clients should make a very conscious effort to not allow too much time to lapse in between candidate interviews (especially if it’s a candidate they truly love) or else they run the risk of losing them.


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