13 Feb 2015

Selling Yourself Through the Details

13 Feb 2015

theaInterviews can be a nerve-wracking event. There is a piece of paper on the table summarizing your career and everything you’ve essentially accomplished is up for dissection and scrutiny, and by a stranger, no less. We get it. After all, we scrutinize daily. And we also know that through this weeding process of interviews, often times, those who interview the best, might not even be the very best talent for the job at the end of the day. It simply means that their social and communication skills (matched up with their experience of course) are top notch.

What does this mean? If you are someone who is a rockstar talent in your respective field, but are a little shy or not sure how much detail to provide in an interview, I am here to tell you: Provide detail. This does not mean throwing your self awareness out of the window and talking about where you grew up and childhood dog’s name. This means taking the time to provide context to the answer you are providing and by giving as many examples as possible.

For instance, one word answers of “yes” or “no” should rarely be all that is said. The interviewer is trying to get a feel for how you approach your work, a better understanding of your work ethic and a sense of the value you’ve played in prior positions. If you notice questions all appearing to hone in on one particular area or similar topic, take a step back, breathe deep, and think about the larger picture. Then, detail the scope to answer the question appropriately. And when in doubt, ask a question back! There is nothing more interesting than having an actual dialogue across the table going. Afterall, the details will naturally unravel in this case and you’ll have accomplished a successful interview of selling yourself without even trying.

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