06 Jan 2015

New Year, New Job

06 Jan 2015

It’s officially 2015, happy New Year!Nadine-final-191x300

Another year has wrapped and everyone is feeling the pressure of making new year’s resolutions, both small and large. Some will stick with them, though most will likely not see them through January. I am guilty of this as well. While I reflect on the past year, I am content and happy with most things in my life. Of course, I can always improve upon certain things and evolve. That said, one thing I am happy with is my job. I genuinely love the work that I do and returning to work this week doesn’t feel like a chore (I have felt this way with past jobs and it really is painful).  As a recruiter, I know firsthand just how important it is to love to your job. After all, I meet with people each week who are seeking something new. The motivating factors range anywhere from not feeling challenged to being miserable as a result of company culture. Whenever I meet with these candidates, I always stress the importance of not making a quick decision in order to escape their current role, as this could result in an even worse scenario. I also let them know that its important they do their homework, ask all the right questions, and really go with their gut when interviewing. That said, I also part with them my theory of “you should never stay in a job that you don’t love, as this is where you spend most of your time in life”. While a bit depressing, it is the truth. We as humans spend the majority of our days at work, so why spend another day at a job that makes you unhappy, unmotivated, irritable, or stagnant. Which brings me to my point: new year, new job! If you’re unhappy in your current position, make a change. What better time than the new year? Companies budgets are renewed and employers are ready to make new hires!

Finding a new job can feel like a full-time job, which is why working with a recruiter can be so beneficial.  At The Melanie Andersen Agency, we truly take a specialized approach and are here for our candidates throughout each step of the process. Not only do our assistants schedule every interaction between client and candidate but our recruiters offer a hands on approach throughout each step of the process. This includes prepping before each interview and giving you thorough insight into the company, culture and those you will meet with. We also catch up with our candidates after every meeting and offer feedback that candidates likely wouldn’t get directly from the client should they be interviewing on their own.

As an agency, we are also here to act as a sounding board and to make sure that you make the right decision. We can offer our advice and insight  throughout the process, to ensure the candidate feels they have someone to discuss the opportunity with at length. Often times, candidates can rush into an opportunity and we make sure that it’s a concrete fit for both parties. In addition, given our close and consistent relationships with our clients, we have a really strong understanding of what type of candidate would be successful within each company. As an agency, we also meet with each candidate in-person before we will ever submit them to any of our clients. When we meet with each candidate individually, we are able to get to know them on a personal and professional basis. We ask the right questions and get a clear understanding of the type of company, culture and role that would be of interest and relevancy to each particular candidate. This process has allowed us to offer a service that really sets all parties up for success.

Unhappy in your current role? Why not be proactive and reach out to our relevant recruiter this month. This will get the ball rolling and put you one step closer to finding your dream job!

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