27 Aug 2014

Employee Spotlight – Meet Rachel

27 Aug 2014

As we Spring into warmer weather, we shed our employee spotlight on Rachel Wenig, one of the newest additions to our team. Rachel works out of our New York office assisting, researching, and getting a feel for recruiting. She comes to us from the Media industry, which gives her a unique perspective. Take a look below and see how she answered some questions about herself and her experience thus far at The Melanie Andersen Agency.

Describe your role here at TMAA?

My role at TMAA right now is a mix between assisting and scheduling for Nadine and doing research for our PR and marketing roles. In addition, I’m in the process of training to become a recruiter! I sit in on a lot of interviews and am constantly learning from working closely with Nadine.

How did you get the job here?

Nina, one of the junior recruiters at TMAA, is one of my good friends from college. When I realized I was ready to make a career change a few months back I asked if she could help me in any way since I knew she was working at a recruiting agency. I originally came here to interview for a completely separate role that TMAA had been working on, but by the time I left the interview, I had been headhunted for TMAA!

Where were you working before you came to TMAA?

At the media buying and planning agency, Carat.

Why did you decide to make the move from the media industry to recruiting?

I didn’t feel that my skills and personality were best utilized in the media environment; in other words I’m much better with humans than I am with numbers.

What do you find most interesting about interviewing candidates

I love learning about the trajectory of people’s careers and how they ended up where they are from where they started. Everyone has a different story and I think it’s interesting to learn the motives for pursuing each career choice.

What do you like most about the job?

I really love working with the people here at TMAA. We do a lot of hard work but everyone has a great attitude and there’s always this fun, playful energy in the office. I think a positive environment is one of the most important things for inspiring success, and TMAA really embodies that.

What is your favorite thing about living in NYC?

Being near all of my friends and family is a definitely a luxury I’m enjoying by living here but the city itself is very special too. I love how almost every area feels like a completely different city.

Where did you live prior to NYC?

New Orleans.

What do you miss the most about New Orleans?

Everything. It’s the most unique, amazing place in the world. If I had to narrow it down though I’d say the live music or the fact that you can drink legally outside!

Three words that describe you best?

Determined, personable and Fun.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I interned at Ebony magazine in high school.

What is your ideal social activity?

Happy hour on a rooftop with my friends on a deliciously warm day.

What are you looking forward to the most this summer?

Going to Rothbury, Michigan for a music festival!

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