27 Aug 2014

Working from Home Request– NO!!!!!

27 Aug 2014

Below is an email that I just received from a candidate that I had reached out to regarding a great account management opportunity. Her response is a great example of what not to say when replying to a recruiter. Again honesty is a good and smart policy, but in certain cases it can completely take a candidate out of the running for job opportunities. I will of course reply and see what the candidate’s situation is, but I am already weary that she will be difficult to work with in terms of her needs/expectations/situation when it comes to finding a new opportunity for her. There is almost a zero chance that a new employer would allow her to work from home when first starting a job. A candidate needs to express enthusiasm and let the employer know that he or she will live and breathe the position. Requesting to work from home is a complete turn off—even to a recruiter. These types of work situations—a 4 day week, extended vacation, etc- are earned when a candidate does a fantastic job over a long period of time!


I hope you’re well!

The position sounds fantastic and a perfect fit for my background. I would
be interested in the position if it allowed me the flexibility to work from
home. Is that possible or is it required to work full time in the office?

Please let me know.

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