27 Aug 2014

Why you should look for a new job when you are happy in your current role

27 Aug 2014

Should you should look for a new job when you are happy in your current role? Most definitely!

One very valuable lesson I have learned from my own career explorations, as well as dealing with candidates, is that the ideal time to search for new job opportunities is when you’re happy in your current position.

When your mindset is happy, you tend to be relaxed and have a more positive attitude about everything in life. This is a great time to actually explore new opportunities as they are presented to you (thru a recruiter, networking, or other channels) as there is no urgency to grab the first job that comes your way. You can truly take your time and carefully evaluate each position, even go on an interview (of course on the sly) to get a true description of the role and a sense of the company’s culture. A happy and thoughtful career exploration typically leads to a more informed decision. Also happiness sometimes leads to complacency in a job so you should often see what else if out there as there could be a new challenge ready for you!

A desperate candidate who hates their current job or company and searches for new opportunities in this mindset will often times accept a role that isn’t quite right just to escape their current one.

Lesson: Explore when you’re happy and don’t wait until you want to jump out of your office window.

Jodi Shapiro – Senior Recruiter

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