27 Aug 2014

Why you should keep your LinkedIn profile up to date

27 Aug 2014

It is very important to keep  your LinkedIn profile updated  in terms of current employer, title, and even including personal email address. LinkedIn has become a very active and important professional network for candidates and clients. Whether you are actively exploring new opportunities or happy in your current role, you should always make sure that your LinkedIn profile is current as this is a prime “hunting” ground for recruiters as well as a place where your entire professional network can view your work experience in detail.

Today I received an email from a candidate saying that I had targeted him for a role that was too junior given his experience. However, his LinkedIn profile was outdated in terms of title and there was no detail whatsoever included. He was open to new opportunities and eager for me to contact him with great roles—which would be impossible for me to do if I didn’t know his proper title and really had no concept of his previous roles and responsibilities. This is just one example of how an outdated LinkedIn profile can hurt your chances of being tapped for new and interesting roles at your level.

Also the more information you provide in your profile, the better—I suggest including a summary of your experience and a career objective, key words, and critical  highlights beneath each role—accounts managed and skillset, for example. It is much easier to understand your experience and target you for relevant opportunities if you include a detailed description of your previous roles.

In terms of including your personal email, I strongly urge this if you are open to being contacted by recruiters. By including your personal email, a recruiter does not have to guess what your work email address is and your company will never have access to your correspondences.

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