27 Aug 2014

Why too much eagerness looks like desperation

27 Aug 2014

Advice to all candidates: enthusiasm and eagerness are wonderful and appealing attributes. I have warned in the past that low energy and an apathetic attitude (both in person and in writing)can certainly turn a client off so it’s always important for candidates to turn up the heat during an interview and let the enthusiasm for the role, the agency (company), and brand shine through.

That being said, too much enthusiasm and eagerness can be a negative. When asked by a client during an interview- “when can you start?”- the candidate should never answer “tomorrow!” Even if this is the case (perhaps the candidate is miserable in her job or is currently unemployed) it wreaks of desperation and can subconsciously and consciously make a potential employer feel that anyone could attract this candidate because she is “easy” to get.

Also a candidate, even if very eager, should definitely take some time to review the offer letter and ensure that all the terms are acceptable. I am not implying that a candidate should play hard ball or try to negotiate just to appear savvy or get the most bang for the buck out of the client but even the most eager of candidates should take the time to make sure that the final offer is good for them.

My point is that a candidate should definitely be enthusiastic during the interview process but also play it a bit cool so as to not seem too available in the eyes of the client. It is the same advice I would give to a girl friend before a date, and it works like a charm every time!

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