27 Aug 2014

Why Eye Contact During an Interview is so Important

27 Aug 2014

Candidates must make eye contact during an interview as lack of this contact most always results in negative feedback on the part of the client. Eye contact signifies confidence, strong communication and a human connection. A lack of eye contact can be a sign of insecurity, nerves, lack of confidence in ability or experience, and inexperience. Eye contact can really make or break an interview– it is that important for candidates to look into the clients’ eyes when speaking during an interview.

This can be very difficult as nerves often take over or perhaps there are moments when thoughts are being gathered and eye contact is lost. This is truly something that candidates should practice before an interview so it comes as second nature. Keep that eye contact with the client strong– obviously don’t be creepy about it and burn a hole through the client!!! But make sure eye contact is maintained as this makes candidates look confident and secure in what they are communicating.

Eye contact is of course one of many important factors to remember during an interview but it is one that candidates often forget and one that can ruin their chances of landing the role.

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