27 Aug 2014

Why Candidates should keep their recruiter up to date with any salary changes

27 Aug 2014

Candidates should keep their recruiters up to date regarding salary changes– either internal increases or a change made when transitioning to another job. I am working with a client to negotiate an offer for a candidate that the client really likes and would like to bring on board. Salary negotiations are very critical and often times tricky and challenging. In this particular case, the candidate is a bit out of the clients budget for the role and the client would like the candidate to potentially make a lateral move. When I asked the candidate if she was comfortable with making a lateral move (let’s say her salary was 75k), she told me she had received an internal raise and was now earning 80k. Thus the salary that the client had in mind for the lateral move was no longer accurate.

This is a great example of why candidates should always keep their recruiters up to speed regarding compensation changes as a client’s offer will be based on their current and desired salary… And obviously any changes in current compensation will affect the offer!

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