30 Apr 2015

Trimming the fat- 6 tips for that 6 pack at work

30 Apr 2015

As warmer weather approaches, everyone is quickly kick-starting their diets and getting back to their fitness regimes. As people make adjustments to their lives in preparation for the summer, there always seems to be a battle between treating yourself and looking good on the beach. Since we all spend so much time at work I’ve written some easy tips below to stay healthy and fit so everyone can feel confident and happy this season.

1) Start a support group- one of our teams here at our agency committed themselves to a 30 day challenge. They took turns preparing healthy lunches for each other every single day and engaged themselves in some sort of physical activity as well; this ranged from enrolling in a bootcamp or yoga class or even a run by the Hudson River. It not only made them all look great, but it strengthened their relationship and made them even stronger as a team.

2) Pack healthy snacks- this will definitely control your appetite throughout the day to make you stay away from the vending machine of death. Eat your nuts and ditch the chips!

3) Just say “NO”- it’s always hard to say no to food, especially if it’s free and you have to see it all day. Remember that taking one bite out of that cookie will lead to worse decisions later. Give yourself a cheat meal or day on the weekend depending on how much you exercise as it’s never good to deprive yourself, since that often leads to binge eating.

4) Drink more water- this will keep you full, and is great for your skin too.

5) Forget the elevator- take the stairs once in a while to give you a boost of energy while burning calories and working on your gluts.

6) Ditch your chair and sit on an exercise ball- I did this when I used to work at an advertising agency. Both our creative and account management teams participated. Surprisingly, it was actually fun and increased our posture, plus we got to bounce all day so it kept us alert.

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