27 Aug 2014

Tip to Clients: Introduce Prospective Candidates to Office Culture

27 Aug 2014

Happy New Year to all of our amazing clients! We look forward to our partnerships in the New Year as there will be many talented candidates looking for the next step in their careers. It is truly an exciting time!

Clients play a really important role in garnering candidate interest in their agencies/companies and roles at hand. They can often make or break an interview situation as they play an essential role in representing their agencies/companies and positions in the most positive and favorable light. In my dealings with candidates, I have realized that culture, environment, and vibe is very important to them as they explore new opportunities. It is not just the roles and responsibilities of the job that they take into careful consideration but the essence and vibe of the office.

Often times candidates love the client(s) with whom they meet but are hesitant about an agency/company even after multiple interviews as they have not gotten a true sense of the agency/company environment. Interviews tend to be held in conference rooms or offices—behind closed doors- where it is basically impossible to get a sense of the vibe of the office… candidates wonder what a typical day is like at the agency/company…. Is it chaotic or calm? Do employees communicate via email or in person? Is it a casual or more corporate environment? These are intangibles that make a huge difference as candidates decide whether or not an opportunity is right for them.

That being said, if a client is really interested in a candidate, they should go beyond the standard conference room interview and make the effort to show the candidate the agency/company culture. This can be done in the following ways–

1)      Give candidates an office tour. A client can certainly save this step for a second or third interview as it does take time to show someone around, but it is a great way for candidates to see how the office runs and feels on a typical day.

2)      Take the time to describe the agency/company culture during the interview. What sets the agency/company apart from others? Is it a more fun loving or serious environment? What is the quality of life? By doing so, clients will also be able to avoid hiring candidates who do not fit into their agency/company on this level

3)      Clients should also get a sense of the candidate beyond the resume by asking questions about personality in order to see if there is a fit beyond skillset. By asking these questions, the candidate will also gather a lot of information about the agency/company culture

I truly think this is critical advice for clients. Just as clients review a candidate’s total package, the candidates do the same—and candidates want to really get a sense of where they will be hanging their hats for the next period in their careers.

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