01 May 2015

Summer Style: How To Dress Appropriately In The Workplace While Keeping Your Cool

01 May 2015

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Summer is upon us and you know what that means : less clothing! However, despite the scorching temperatures outside, it is important to find a way to incorporate minimal clothing will still maintaining professionalism, style and appropriateness in the workplace, or while interviewing for a new job. We’ve compiled a breakdown of what’s appropriate to wear during those hot summer months, and what you’re better off saving for the weekend.

What’s OK:

– Spaghetti straps (this one’s two fold; as long as this is covered up with a sweater, cardigan or jacket). 99% of offices will allow this if you are covered up appropriately.

– Open toe sandals or heels

– Shorts (as long as they are not too short!) and you smarten the look with a cute blazer

– Maxi dresses

– Wedges

– Ripped jeans (this one is tricky, but if you work in a casual environment, we say go ahead)

– Any dress below the knee, and a few inches above

– Skirts (no more than 3 inches above the knee)

– Espadrille shoes

What’s NOT acceptable, no matter what the season:

– Flip flops

– Spandex shorts

– Denim shorts

– Tube tops

– Forgoing undergarments

– Bathing suits (seems obvious but hey, when you’re in a rush to get to the beach after work…)

– Cover ups/sarongs/anything see through (if it’s meant for the poolside, leave it there)

– Crop tops

– Sunglasses inside

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