06 Feb 2015

Quick Resume Tips by Nina

06 Feb 2015

Nina8581With the new year often comes the itch for a new job. A daunting part of starting a job search is updating your resume. A well-organized and concise resume is essential to landing your dream job. Here are some tips for creating an awesome resume:

  • 1 page ONLY!– I know that it can be difficult to widdle down all employment history, skills and education information into one page, but it can and should be done. Include only necessary information that an employer can reference quickly and easily. Make sure to list all clients, accounts or brands you have worked on.
  • Make sure to include graduation dates– It is essential to include graduation date, as many employers will assume you did not graduate if you omit it. Often times I see candidates leaving this out to appear older or younger, but let’s face it- leaving out your graduation year will not change your age or years of experience. Leave it on there and be transparent.
  • Objectives or Goals are out– This is very old school… no need to include this in your resume. It takes up space and doesn’t showcase any skills or actual experience. You can discuss these points in an interview or cover letter, as it will be much more effective and better received.
  • Trying to sound original, might not sound so original– Yea, everyone loves cats and Beyoncé and avocados these days, so injecting these “quirky” or “witty” facts about yourselves is overdone. Random facts are great, but make sure they are interesting and not cliché trends.

Hopefully these tips will help you to revise your resume and help you get in the door!


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