27 Aug 2014

Post from Carolyn our new intern

27 Aug 2014

As the new intern at The Melanie Andersen Agency, I had no prior experience in regards to recruiting or creative industries. Honestly, I was not completely sure of what I had signed up for but when it comes to a new adventure I am always up for the challenge. This will be my third week with the ladies of TMAA and I believe that I have already picked up some information that is invaluable to any professional or company.

1. Who is the client?

The answer to this question is the cornerstone of how an executive search consultancy operates. Our clients are the companies that pay us to find them candidates. This is not to say that recruiters do not have the candidates best interests at heart or put in hours of extensive prep time with candidates prior to the screening and interview process. That being said, our primary function, as a recruiting agency is to find candidates that fit the job description given to us by the clients who we have been retained by. Each job description is customarily very detailed with specific expectations and experience required. We are not agents – this would change recruiters’ moniker from “head hunters” to “role hunters.”

2. The salary and package

Normally a high priority topic for candidates, the salary negotiation is an essential and yet sometimes tedious part of the recruiting process for the candidate, client and recruiter alike. Due to the often structured and non-negotiable terms of the job description, some candidates become slightly outlandish with their salary expectations during the negotiations. The best weapon a candidate has in their salary negotiation arsenal is research. Candidates it is crucial to know the worth your current role holds as well as the role you are interviewing for. With this information you will gain understanding of what is acceptable salary request during negotiations and what is not.

More frequently than not candidates are too concerned with the highest salary possible and lose sight of the big picture and end result, i.e. getting the job. Always remember happiness in the work place is just important as salary. It is vital handle negotiations in a respectful and polite manner because the way the candidate handles the interview process can either leave good or bad impression with both the recruiter and the potential new company.

In summary, I am looking forward to what this next week will bring and continuing to sharing what I am learning!

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