27 Aug 2014

Looking to make a career change?

27 Aug 2014

It’s difficult for a search firm to work with candidates who are looking to make a career change. This is because, when a company briefs us on a new search, they are paying us a recruitment fee, and are only interested in receiving resumes of candidates that meet their job descriptions. Normally they are replacing someone who is leaving their company, and they don’t have the time to train someone who doesn’t already have prior experience in their industry. In particular, they don’t want to see resumes from us of candidates who don’t meet their job description. If they are asking for “ten years of marketing experience within the beauty industry, with the majority of this spent in skincare”, they want to see the resumes of candidates who have “ten years of marketing experience within the beauty industry, with the majority of this spent in skincare”. If we send them resumes of candidates who don’t meet these requirements, we are not doing our job, as companies pay a search firm to screen resumes for them and to only present candidates who have both the experience and the cultural fit for the company.

The Melanie Andersen Agency gets approached by a lot of great candidates who would love to work in fashion or beauty. And we would love to help them! Unfortunately, given how extremely competitive these two industries are, it is hard for us to help. Most people are doing internships while in college in fashion or beauty companies to help secure that first job in beauty or fashion. If you are a Marketing Director with experience in the financial services industry, unfortunately we are not going to be able to help you. That’s not to say that t can’t be done, however, it’s going to be through your own connections and networking, and not through a search firm unfortunately.

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