27 Aug 2014

Keeping the interview positive

27 Aug 2014

Every candidate has had a bad manager or has worked at a completely dysfunctional agency or company. Perhaps these were the reasons that he or she decided to search for new opportunities. That being said, while honesty is usually the best policy, I encourage candidates to position every aspect of their experience in a positive light when interviewing, rather than dwell on the negative (when in doubt, consult your recruiter!!!). The candidate should not make the client that they are interviewing with feel that he or she is easily perturbed or disturbed. So focusing on positive work experiences and even spinning the negative ones in a positive light is critical to making a great first impression. Remember there is limited time during an interview, so it is best not to recount bad memories during it!
LESSON: save your work horror stories for the campfire and keep your interview stories positive.

Jodi Shapiro – Senior Consultant

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