Senior Cloud Architect- Stealth Social Startup

New York City
Job Information

Our client has built a revolutionary social site that creates a royalty stream for any content creator. It allows all users to benefit from their content and has been enthusiastically received by both regular users and some of the most influential content creators and managers in Hollywood. The company has already received significant funding and are looking to hire a senior cloud architect to join their ranks.



  • Strategize efficient, secure, and profitable uses of the site’s cloud.


  • Wizard at architecting and developing large-scale cloud-based web services.
  • Must have production experience with Ruby, Rails, Postgres, Redis, Hadoop, Cassandra, RabbitMQ, and AWS or similar technologies
  • Skilled with debuggers, profilers, and load testing and experienced with the architecture of social networks and the technical challenges that arise as they scale.
  • Ability to work well in a fast-moving team and prototype quickly.

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