27 Aug 2014

Improper Client Etiquette During an Interview

27 Aug 2014

While we always stress candidate etiquette throughout the interview process, it is also very important to stress client etiquette. Interviews are truly a two way street– of course the client is assessing the candidate from a skillset and personality perspective, but a candidate is also making assessments of the agency or company, the role itself, and the overall vibe in the room. For this reason, it is of utmost importance that a client also makes a very good impression on the candidate.

This morning a very good candidate went on an interview with a great new client, and I was truly hoping they would click. Unfortunately, the candidate called me and said the client was totally distracted throughout the interview– no eye contact, on her laptop the entire time, and barely any question asking… This was a complete turn off to the candidate who felt like the interview was really a waste of time– and her schedule is too busy for a time wasting meeting.

This is a perfect example of how a client can lose a great candidate at first contact. It is very important for a client to give full attention to a candidate during an interview and to show interest so as not to make the candidate feel as if the meeting was pointless. Even if the client is having the busiest day of the year, it doesn’t matter.

This might seem like interview 101 but this error is quite common among clients and should be corrected so great candidates do not walk away with a bad taste in the mouth and choose to withdraw from the process.

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