27 Aug 2014

Fidgeting No No’s during an interview

27 Aug 2014

I got a call from a Human Resources Director at a great company yesterday giving me feedback about one of the candidates that I had presented. She really liked the candidate and felt her skillset and personality were right on brief. However, she informed me that the candidate was picking and even biting her nails during the interview. I am pretty sure we have all been stricken with the nail biting habit at some point in our lives and we probably all realize how yucky this looks in public.

We often do it without even realizing it at the time (guilty as charged!!).

However, it is essential that NO nail biting or picking or any type of nervous fidgeting occurs during an interview. A candidate should remain poised and confident and not do anything that takes the clients’ attention off of his or her experience and positives.

LESSON: whatever you do, break those nervous habits before the interview because they can ruin your chances of getting a great job!

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