06 Feb 2015

Dressing The Part by Younes

06 Feb 2015

DSC_0714As they say, first impressions are the lasting ones (usually) and it all begins with how and what you wear to your interviews. Although it’s not always good to judge a book by its cover (we’re all guilty of it), the way you present yourself typically reflects on who you are as person. Your first step would be to do your research on the company culture- you wouldn’t want to wear a full suit + tie to Google but at the same time open toed shoes and a spaghetti strapped top wouldn’t be appropriate either. Be reasonable in your approach and remember that over dressing sometimes can be as bad as undressing. I would recommend making sure your clothes are well ironed, avoid loud prints/patterns and colors since they tend to be distracting (stick to solid colors). Showing too much skin is a bad idea too- you want them to get to know YOU, not your body parts! Keep your outfit simple and clean, make sure your hair is kept and that your nails are in decent shape (you’d be surprised by how much people forget how important proper hygiene is). Get noticed for your talents and remember that you’re going on an interview, not the club, so girls, that means don’t overdo it on the makeup and accessories either! Attire for creatives tends to typically be on the casual side, and therefore it is an excellent opportunity to showcase your individuality. Don’t go too crazy and clean yourself up! What you wear can easily get you major points before the interview even starts, so take fully advantage!


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