27 Aug 2014

Candidates- do not text or facebook message your recruiter

27 Aug 2014

It is not appropriate for candidates to text, facebook message, or reach out to a recruiter in any way other than the phone or work email. Although modern day communication has evolved, we do encourage a more professional way of corresponding with your recruiter. Even if a recruiter and candidate have formed a close relationship over time, correspondences regarding a job search should remain professional.

In our case, we have an extensive and thorough database which captures all emails and also allows us to note all phone conversations. Text messages are not picked up by the database so these conversations are completely lost.

Also texts in general can easily be overlooked if your recruiter is not checking his/her phone, or misread as texting is typically reserved for personal correspondence. The same can be said for Facebook. While often times a recruiter will post a job listing on FaceBook,, a candidate should not email the recruiter via FB, and most definitely NOT send instant messages via FaceBook but rather send messages to the recruiters work email.

Lesson: even though most of us are avid texters and facebook users, candidates should stick to email and phone when communicating with a recruiter.

Jodi Shapiro

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