27 Aug 2014

Candidate Desperation is a Turn Off to both Recruiters and Clients – Do not be a stalker

27 Aug 2014

It is wonderful to be eager about finding a new position during the job hunt and to really fall in love with a company or a role. Also it is completely fine for a candidate to follow up with a recruiter to see if a client would like to schedule an interview or has provided feedback following an interview. However, there is such thing as TOO MANY follow ups. As a recruiter, my job is to liaise between candidate and client and to manage the entire process from start to finish. While some recruiters are not great at following up, our agency prides itself on being very good about keeping candidates in the loop. However, in the case that there is no update to provide, a candidate will most likely not hear from us. One of the worst things a candidate can do is to continually follow up as it is a turn off to the recruiter and it does make a candidate look a bit desperate. Candidates should trust that a recruiter will follow up with them and provide updates throughout the search anytime there is information to provide. A recruiter will often stop reaching out to a candidate with great opportunities if the candidate goes into stalker mode. A lot of our in-house recruiter friends discuss with us that they have stopped approaching stalker candidates about roles for these reasons.

LESSON: Do not stalk your recruiter. Trust that he or she will keep you in the loop and update you throughout the process.

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