27 Aug 2014

A Thank You to our candidates

27 Aug 2014

One of the best and most refreshing parts of my job is meeting new candidates every day. Candidates bring such a diverse range of experiences, interests, and dreams to the table. Some absolutely love their current roles and simply want to explore new challenges out of curiosity and others want to make a fresh start at a new agency because they want to grow,  learn, and do something different. It is so exciting as a recruiter to see the passion and enthusiasm in a candidate’s eyes as they weave together the interesting stories of their resumes and express their future goals and desires. It is also amazing for me when a candidate acts as an educator. Our candidates are at the front lines of these creative industries every day, rolling up their sleeves and helping to create some amazing and memorable work. Some of this work even stands the test of time and builds brands that we see and even use every day. I continue to learn and grow through my discussions with each of them and it truly makes going to work every day an adventure and a pleasure… so THANK YOU to all the candidates who meet with Melanie and I and share their stories in hopes that we can help them grow their careers and find the best next step for them!

Jodi Shapiro – Senior Consultant

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