12 May 2015

5 Ways to Ignite Creative Inspiration

12 May 2015

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It happens to the best of us that at times we feel uninspired, and it can be difficult to climb out of the rut. Sometimes we need that extra push to get us focused and revamped so below are some tips to help spark that creativity.

– Take a break from the computer and office environment and go for a walk. Take in your environment- the people, the places, the culture. Be vigilant and check out new stores, restaurants, landmarks or even new street art/graffiti, as these can provide for some great inspiration for your next project.

– Learn a new skill. As creatives, we are fortunate enough to be able to continually add to our skillset. Try taking a class or check out free tutorials and videos online to learn a new skill that could provide value to your current work environment or to simply to expose yourself to a new experience. For example, take a coding course, a cultural dance class, or even a cooking class.

– Make use of your off-work hours by taking on a freelance project that would give you hands-on experience in something that you wouldn’t normally be doing, either in a new industry or within a different skillset.

– Invite someone who you admire but who is working in a different industry to yourself to pick their brain. Find out what inspires them, learn about their job/skillset and possibly find a way to collaborate with them and learn from them.

– Go on a vacation or even a staycation. Relaxing and letting go of obligations for even just one day can bring new energy and inspiration to your work and life in general. Sometimes giving your mind a break is necessary in order to be productive.

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